Ruiz: “Yellow, red or nothing?”

A heavy silence greets this question while a TV screen shows footage of a Croatian defender hitting Brazilian full-back Marcelo with an ankle-high challenge during the Opening Match at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. Oscar Ruiz is not deterred, though: "Yellow or red? Let me play the incident again!" 
The scene marks the beginning of the meeting with the Colombia U-20 squad and coaching staff, during which the former international referee will run through contentious incidents with his compatriots so as to educate the players about how officials apply the Laws of the Game. To start with, the atmosphere is hushed, constrained by the youngsters' shyness. This is nothing new: ever since FIFA introduced these now regular pre-tournament get-togethers ahead of Germany 2006, the players - especially the younger ones - have always taken a little while to get into the mood. But by three or four incident discussions later, a healthy debate has been struck up, albeit the expert takes the lead and always has the last word. Joining Ruiz in spreading the refereeing gospel to the 24 teams in New Zealand are several former colleagues: England's Howard Webb, New Zealander Mike Hester, the Irianian-American Esse Baharmast, the Tunisian Neji Jouini, the Italian Alfredo Trentalange, Denmark's Peter Mikkelsen, Alfredo Whittaker of the Cayman Islands, and Malaysia's Subkhiddin Mohd Salleh. 
After once again replaying the images of Marcelo writhing in pain, Ruiz references the previous day's action to try to spark a reaction from the players. "Yellow or red or nothing? I asked the Argentina players the same question and the forwards think one thing and the defenders another. It's amazing how your mindset changes based on where you play." Some faint muttering is heard, the word "nothing" uttered sheepishly and almost apologetically. And indeed it turns out that this is the wrong answer. "People who say nothing... well, when they're on the receiving end of a challenge like this one, they change their tune," Ruiz remarks light-heartedly, yet firmly. "If it's even 10 centimetres higher, a tackle like this one can break a tendon or bone. It's a yellow-card offence and if it were 10 centimetres higher, it'd be a red". 
When the screen displays a reckless lunge from another Croatian, Ante Rebic, on Mexico's Carlos Pena, a collective gasp fills the room. The youngsters can feel Pena's pain. There is no doubt this time: it is a clear-cut sending-off. The incident seems too obvious to warrant any discussion, but Ruiz soon explains why he chose it. The meeting is not only about helping players to understand disciplinary decisions and rules, but also about making them more aware of the possible consequences of their actions. In his words: "It's a dangerous tackle, it puts the [other] player's body at risk". 
The ice has been broken now and, after a short break, the players well and truly warm to the task. Some may still be sporting gloves, and others hats that almost cover their eyes, to ward off the cold in Hamilton, but their body language has been transformed. Following some lively back and forth about "tactical fouls", we get to a subject that never fails to elicit strong responses, whether among the Real Madrid squad or Colombia's U-20s: hand-balls in the area. "He closed his eyes!" yells one player, sticking up for a fellow defender. "But he stopped the ball from getting through!" retorts an attacking midfielder. "Given the way he slid out, with his feet first, it's a natural way for him to fall," another centre-back muses. Ruiz listens and smiles. The different criteria used by players in different positions are laid bare, while impromptu groups of three or four are formed, each debating whether or not it is a hand ball and if so, whether it warrants a red or yellow card. The incident in question comes from a Manchester City match, in which a defender goes to ground to cut out a cross, his arm fully outstretched behind him as he slides along the grass. As it happens, the ball, which is headed into the middle of the box, strikes not his feet, but his hand. Ruiz poses a question and proceeds to answer it himself in emphatic fashion: "The Panama team doctor told me yesterday that the position the defender is in is not a natural one for his body. It's a penalty." 
Further incidents follow until we reach the biggest flashpoint, one that resonates specially with this group: Mario Yepes's disallowed goal during Colombia's game against Brazil in last year's World Cup quarter-finals. The whole country was left up in arms about this decision by Spanish referee Carlos Velasco Carballo. Ruiz has touched a raw nerve and he knows it. He replays the incident once, twice, three times. The former official foregrounds the offside in the build-up and spells out why the Colombia players involved were clearly interfering with play. "As Colombians, it really hit home for all of us," Cafeteritos coach Carlos Restrepo told afterwards. "That's what emotion does: many of us thought the goal was valid and now we know it wasn't," he noted, before revealing a nugget that epitomises the point of the whole exercise: his players later took to social media to explain that the goal had been rightly chalked off, even trying to persuade their friends back home who begged to differ. "I think this is a really good idea," Restrepo added. "Players often play without a full understanding of the game and we [coaches] come up short because of a lack of knowledge of certain aspects of refereeing. It was a really good way to address concerns". The hearty round of applause the players gave Ruiz at the end says it all. 

Source: FIFA

UEFA Europa League – Group Stage (Matchday 5)

26 November 2015

AS Monaco – Anderlecht
Referee: Manuel Gräfe (GER, photo)
Assistant Referee 1: Mike Pickel (GER)
Assistant Referee 2: Holger Henschel (GER)
Additional AR 1: Robert Hartmann (GER)
Additional AR 2: Benjamin Brand (GER)
Fourth Official: Frank Willenborg (GER)
Referee Observer: Haim Jakov (ISR)

Qarabağ – Tottenham
Referee: Anastasios Sdiropoulos (GRE)
Assistant Referee 1: Damians Efthymiadis (GRE)
Assistant Referee 2: Polychronis Kostaras (GRE)
Additional AR 1: Michael Koukoulakis (GRE)
Additional AR 2: Stavros Tritsonis (GRE)
Fourth Official: Lazaros Dimitriadis (GRE)
Referee Observer: Yuri Baskakov (RUS)

Dinamo Minsk – Viktoria Plzeň
Referee: Ognjen Valjić (BIH)
Assistant Referee 1: Senad Ibrisimbegović (BIH)
Assistant Referee 2: Davor Beljo (BIH)
Additional AR 1: Edin Jakupović (BIH)
Additional AR 2: Irfan Peljto (BIH)
Fourth Official: Sreten Udovičić (BIH)
Referee Observer: László Vágner (HUN)

Rubin Kazan – Sion
Referee: Halis Özkahya (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Cem Satman (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Kemal Yılmaz (TUR)
Additional AR 1: Ali Palabıyık (TUR)
Additional AR 2: Alper Ulusoy (TUR)
Fourth Official: Ceyhun Sesigüzel (TUR)
Referee Observer: Zbigniew Przesmycki (POL)

Krasnodar – Borussia Dortmund
Referee: Serdar Gözübüyük (NED)
Assistant Referee 1:  Bas van Dongen (NED)
Assistant Referee 2:  Dave Goossens (NED)
Additional AR 1: Dennis Highler (NED)
Additional AR 2: Jeroen Manschot (NED)
Fourth Official: Angelo Boonman (NED)
Referee Observer: Uno Tutk (EST)

SS Lazio – Dnipro
Referee: Gediminas Mažeika (LTU)
Assistant Referee 1: Vyautas Šimkus (LTU)
Assistant Referee 2:  Vytenis Kazlauskas (LTU)
Additional AR 1: Nerijus Dunauskas (LTU)
Additional AR 2: Sergejus Slyva (LTU)
Fourth Official: Dovydas Sužiedėlis (LTU)
Referee Observer: Alan Freeland (SCO)

Rosenborg – Saint Étienne
Referee: Vitali Meshkov (RUS)
Assistant Referee 1: Igor Demeshko (RUS)
Assistant Referee 2: Maxim Gavrilin (RUS)
Additional AR 1: Alexei Nikolaev (RUS)
Additional AR 2: Mikhail Vilkov (RUS)
Fourth Official: Dmitri Mosiakin (RUS)
Referee Observer: Leslie Irvine (NIR)

Lokomotiv Moskva – Sporting CP
Referee: Antonio Mateu Lahoz (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Pau Cebrián Devís (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Javier Aguilar Rodríguez (ESP)
Additional AR 1: Alejandro Hernández Hernández (ESP)
Additional AR 2: Juan Martínez Munuera (ESP)
Fourth Official: Teodoro Sobrino Magán (ESP)
Referee Observer: Jan Fasung (SVK)

Beşiktaş – Skënderbeu
Referee: Paweł Gil (POL)
Assistant Referee 1: Piotr Sadczuk (POL)
Assistant Referee 2: Marcin Borkowski (POL)
Additional AR 1: Bartosz Frankowski (POL)
Additional AR 2: Krzysztof Jakubik (POL)
Fourth Official: Konrad Sapela (POL)
Referee Observer: Miroslav Liba (CZE)

Basel – Fiorentina
Referee: Ivan Kružliak (SVK)
Assistant Referee 1: Martin Balko (SVK)
Assistant Referee 2: Ondrej Brendza (SVK)
Additional AR 1: Vladimir Vnuk (SVK)
Additional AR 2: Mario Vlk (SVK)
Fourth Official: Tomas Somolani (SVK)
Referee Observer: Edgar Steinborn (GER)

Belenenses – Lech
Referee: Arnold Hunter (NIR)
Assistant Referee 1: Richard Storey (NIR)
Assistant Referee 2: Gareth Eakin (NIR)
Additional AR 1: Raymond Crangle (NIR)
Additional AR 2: Mervyn Smyth (NIR)
Fourth Official: Stephen Bell (NIR)
Referee Observer: Roberto Rosetti (ITA)

Schalke – Apoel
Referee: Andreas Ekberg (SWE)
Assistant Referee 1: Fredrik Nilsson (SWE)
Assistant Referee 2: Joakim Flink (SWE)
Additional AR 1: Michael Lerjéus (SWE)
Additional AR 2: Bojan Pandžić (SWE)
Fourth Official: Magnus Sjöblom (SWE)
Referee Observer: Vítor Melo Pereira (POR)

Sparta Praha – Asteras
Referee: Michael Oliver (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Stuart Burt (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Gary Beswick (ENG)
Additional AR 1: Paul Tierney (ENG)
Additional AR 2: Craig Pawson (ENG)
Fourth Official: Lee Betts (ENG)
Referee Observer: Stefano Farina (ITA)

Alkmaar – Partizan
Referee: Harald Lechner (AUT)
Assistant Referee 1: Andreas Staudinger (AUT)
Assistant Referee 2: Andreas Heidenreich (AUT)
Additional AR 1: Alexander Harkam (AUT)
Additional AR 2: Julian Weinberger (AUT)
Fourth Official: Maxiliam Kolbitsch (AUT)
Referee Observer: Cyril Zimmermann (SUI)

Augsburg – Athletic
Referee: Artur Dias (POR)
Assistant Referee 1: Rui Tavares (POR)
Assistant Referee 2: Paulo Soares (POR)
Additional AR 1: Miguel Moreira (POR)
Additional AR 2: Cosme Machado (POR)
Fourth Official: Bruno Rodrigues (POR) 
Referee Observer: Nikolai Levnikov (RUS)

Legia – Midtjylland
Referee: Andre Marriner (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Michael Mullarkey (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: John Brooks (ENG)
Additional AR 1: Lee Mason (ENG)
Additional AR 2: Robert Madley (ENG)
Fourth Official: Michael Salisbury (ENG)
Referee Observer: Marinus Koopman (NED)

Club Brugge – SSC Napoli
Referee: Marius Avram (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: Valentin Avram (ROU)
Assistant Referee 2: Miklós Nagy (ROU)
Additional AR 1: István Kovács (ROU)
Additional AR 2: Radu Petrescu (ROU)
Fourth Official: Sebastian Gheorghe (ROU)
Referee Observer: Konrad Plautz (AUT)

PAOK – Qabala
Referee: Jakob Kehlet (DEN)
Assistant Referee 1: Henrik Larsen (DEN)
Assistant Referee 2: Lars Rix (DEN)
Additional AR 1: Mads-Kristoffer Kristoffersen (DEN)
Additional AR 2: Peter Kjaesgaard-Andersen (DEN)
Fourth Official: Lars Hummelgaard (DEN)
Referee Observer: William Young (SCO)

Braga – Slovan Liberec
Referee: Aleksei Kulbakov (BLR)
Assistant Referee 1: Vitali Maliutsin (BLR)
Assistant Referee 2: Aleh Maslianka (BLR)
Additional AR 1: Siarhei Tsynkevich (BLR)
Additional AR 2: Dzianis Shcharbakou (BLR) 
Fourth Official: Dmitry Zhuk (BLR)
Referee Observer: Christos Skapoullis (CYP)

Olympique Marseille – Groningen
Referee: Andris Treimanis (LVA)
Assistant Referee 1: Haralds Gudermanis (LVA)
Assistant Referee 2: Aleksejs Spasjonnikovs (LVA)
Additional AR 1: Aleksandrs Anufrijevs (LVA)
Additional AR 2: Aleksandrs Golubevs (LVA)
Fourth Official: Raimonds Tatriks (LVA)
Referee Observer: Manuel Mejuto González (ESP)

Molde – Fenerbahçe
Referee: Miroslav Zelinka (CZE)
Assistant Referee 1: Ondrej Pelikan (CZE)
Assistant Referee 2: Jan Paták (CZE)
Additional AR 1: Radek Příhoda (CZE)
Additional AR 2: Jan Jílek (CZE)
Fourth Official: Ivo Nádvorník (CZE)
Referee Observer: Stephen Lodge (ENG)

Celtic – Ajax
Referee: Felix Zwayer (GER)
Assistant Referee 1: Thorsten Schiffner (GER)
Assistant Referee 2: Marco Achmüller (GER)
Additional AR 1: Daniel Siebert (GER)
Additional AR 2: Sascha Stegemann (GER)
Fourth Official:  Markus Häcker (GER)
Referee Observer: Matteo Trefoloni (ITA)

Villarreal – Rapid Wien
Referee: Paweł Raczkowski (POL)
Assistant Referee 1: Pawel Sokolnicki (POL)
Assistant Referee 2: Michał Obukowicz (POL)
Additional AR 1: Tomasz Musiał (POL)
Additional AR 2: Tomasz Kwiatkowski (POL)
Fourth Official: Tomasz Listkiewicz (POL)
Referee Observer: Bo Karlsson (SWE)

Liverpool – Girondins Bordeaux
Referee: Alon Yefet (ISR)
Assistant Referee 1: Oren Borneshtain (ISR)
Assistant Referee 2: Nissan Davidy (ISR)
Additional AR 1: Ziv Adler (ISR)
Additional AR 2: Daniel Natan (ISR)
Fourth Official: Dvir Shimon (ISR)
Referee Observer: Ilkka Koho (FIN)

Copa Sudamericana – Semi-finals (Second Leg)

25-26 November 2015

Santa Fe – Sportivo Luqueno
Referee: Enrique Osses (CHI, photo)
Assistant Referee 1: Francisco Mondria (CHI)
Assistant Referee 2: Carlos Astroza (CHI)
Fourth Official: Jorge Osorio (CHI)

Huracan – River Plate
Referee: Sandro Ricci (BRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Fabricio Vilarinho (BRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Rodrigo Correa (BRA)
Fourth Official: Dewson Freitas (BRA)

UEFA Champions League – Group Stage (Matchday 5)

24 November 2015
Bate Borisov – Bayer Leverkusen
Referee: Clément Turpin (FRA, photo)
Assistant Referee 1: Frédéric Cano (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Nicolas Danos (FRA)
Additional AR 1: Fredy Fautrel (FRA)
Additional AR 2: Benoît Bastien (FRA)
Fourth Official: Hicham Zakrani (FRA)
Referee Observer: Jan Wegereef (NED)

Zenit St. Petersburg – Valencia
Referee: Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)
Assistant Referee 1: Kim Haglund (NOR)
Assistant Referee 2: Frank Andas (NOR)
Additional AR 1: Ken Henry Johnsen (NOR)
Additional AR 2: Svein Erik Edvartsen (NOR)
Fourth Official: Sven Erik Midthjell (NOR)
Referee Observer: Vladimir Antonov (MDA)

Olympique Lyonnais – KAA Gent
Referee: Sergey Karasev (RUS)
Assistant Referee 1: Anton Averyanov (RUS)
Assistant Referee 2: Tikhon Kalugin (RUS)
Additional AR 1: Sergey Lapochkin (RUS)
Additional AR 2: Sergey Ivanov (RUS)
Fourth Official: Nikolai Golubev (RUS)
Referee Observer: Kyros Vassaras (GRE)

FC Barcelona – AS Roma
Referee: Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Bahattin Duran (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Tarik Ongun (TUR)
Additional AR 1: Hüseyin Göçek (TUR)
Additional AR 2: Baris Simsek (TUR)
Fourth Official: Mustafa Eyisoy (TUR)
Referee Observer: Sándor Piller (HUN)

Arsenal – Dinamo Zagreb
Referee: Viktor Kassai (HUN)
Assistant Referee 1: György Ring (HUN)
Assistant Referee 2: Vencel Tóth (HUN)
Additional AR 1: Tamás Bognar (HUN)
Additional AR 2: Ádam Farkas (HUN)
Fourth Official: Peter Berettyán (HUN)
Referee Observer: Jozef Marko (SVK)

Bayern München – Olympiacos
Referee: Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
Assistant Referee 1: Mathias Klasenius (SWE)
Assistant Referee 2: Daniel Wärnmark (SWE)
Additional AR 1: Stefan Johannesson (SWE)
Additional AR 2: Markus Strömbergsson (SWE)
Fourth Official: Mehmet Culum (SWE)
Referee Observer: Stefan Ormandjiev (BUL)

FC Porto – Dinamo Kyiv
Referee: Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Alonso Fernández (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Yuste Jiménez (ESP)
Additional AR 1: Jesús Gil Manzano (ESP)
Additional AR 2: Carlos Del Cerro Grande (ESP)
Fourth Official: Ángel Nevado Rodríguez (ESP)
Referee Observer: Jean Lemmer (LUX)

Maccabi Tel Aviv – Chelsea
Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Díaz Pérez (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Raúl Cabañero Martínez (ESP)
Additional AR 1: Carlos Clos Gómez (ESP)
Additional AR 2: Javier Estrada Fernández (ESP)
Fourth Official: Miguel Martínez Munuera (ESP)
Referee Observer: Levan Paniashvili (GEO)

25 November 2015
FK Astana – SL Benfica
Referee: Ruddy Buquet (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Guillaume Débart (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Cyril Gringore (FRA)
Additional AR 1: Tony Chapron (FRA)
Additional AR 2: Amaury Delerue (FRA)
Fourth Official: Laurent Stien (FRA)
Referee Observer: Peter Jones (ENG)

CSKA Moskva – VfL Wolfsburg
Referee: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Gianluca Cariolato (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Alessandro Giallatini (ITA)
Additional AR 1: Antonio Damato (ITA)
Additional AR 2: Carmine Russo (ITA)
Fourth Official: Riccardo Di Fiore (ITA)
Referee Observer: Horst Brummeier (AUT)

Malmö FF – Paris SG
Referee: William Collum (SCO)
Assistant Referee 1: Damien MacGraith (IRL)
Assistant Referee 2: Francis Connor (SCO)
Additional AR 1: Robert Madden (SCO)
Additional AR 2: John Beaton (SCO)
Fourth Official: Alastair Mather (SCO)
Referee Observer: Gylfi Orrason (ISL)

Shakhtar Donetsk – Real Madrid
Referee: Bas Nijhuis (NED)
Assistant Referee 1: Rob van de Ven (NED)
Assistant Referee 2: Charles Schaap (NED)
Additional AR 1: Kevin Blom (NED)
Additional AR 2: Ed Janssen (NED)
Fourth Official: Hessel Steegstra (NED)
Referee Observer: Peter Fröjdfeldt (SWE)

Manchester United – PSV Eindhoven
Referee: Pavel Královec (CZE)
Assistant Referee 1: Roman Slysko (SVK)
Assistant Referee 2: Martin Wilczek (CZE)
Additional AR 1: Petr Ardeleanu (CZE)
Additional AR 2: Michal Patak (CZE)
Fourth Official: Tomas Mokrusch (CZE)
Referee Observer: Alfredo Trentalange (ITA)

Atlético Madrid – Galatasaray
Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Elenito Di Liberatore (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Mauro Tonolini (ITA)
Additional AR 1: Luca Banti (ITA)
Additional AR 2: Davide Massa (ITA)
Fourth Official: Andrea Padovan (ITA)
Referee Observer: Zoran Petrovic (SRB)

Borussia Monchengladbach – Sevilla FC
Referee: Damir Skomina (SVN)
Assistant Referee 1: Jure Praprotnik (SVN)
Assistant Referee 2: Robert Vukan (SVN)
Additional AR 1: Slavko Vincic (SVN)
Additional AR 2: Mitja Zganec (SVN)
Fourth Official: Manuel Vidali (SVN)
Referee Observer: Francesco Bianchi (SUI)

Juventus Turin – Manchester City
Referee: Felix Brych (GER)
Assistant Referee 1: Mark Borsch (GER)
Assistant Referee 2: Stefan Lupp (GER)
Additional AR 1: Bastian Dankert (GER)
Additional AR 2: Marco Fritz (GER)
Fourth Official: Rafael Foltyn (GER)
Referee Observer: Alain Hamer (LUX)

AFC Champions League Final 2015 (Second Leg)

Ravshan Irmatov was appointed to his fourth AFC Champions League final, after he already refereed the finals in 2007, 2011 and 2013.
21 November 2015
Guangzhou Evergrande – Al Ahli
Referee: Ravshan Irmatov (UZB, photo)
Assistant Referee 1: Abduxamidullo Rasulov (UZB)
Assistant Referee 2: Jakhongir Saidov (UZB)
Fourth Official: Valentin Kovalenko (UZB)

Whittaker removed from the FIFA Referees Committee

FIFA has recently removed Alfredo Whittaker (CAY, photo) from their Referees Committee, after only one year since he replaced Carlos Batres (GUA) in the Competition section.

Angel Villar Llona (ESP)

Deputy Chairman
Juan Napout (PAR)

Members Competition
1. Michel D’Hooghe (BEL)
2. Carlos Alarcon (PAR)
3. Badara Sene (SEN)
4. Jorge Romo (ARG)
5. Peter Mikkelsen (DEN)
6. Toru Kamikawa (JPN)
7. Lee Harmon (COK)
8. Ingrid Jonsson (SWE)
9. Jorge Larrionda (URU)
10. Celestin Ntagungira (RWA)
11. Alfredo Trentalange (ITA)
12. Abdulrahman Al-Delawar (BHR)
13. Magdi Shams (SDN)
14. Terence Babwah (TRI) - Medical

Members Development
1. Michal Listkiewicz (POL)
2. Ted Howard (USA)
3. Lambert Maltock (VAN)
4. Katriina Elovirta (FIN)
5. Jacqueline Leleu (AUS)
6. Subkhiddin Mohd Salleh (MAS)
7. Michael Riley (ENG)
8. Oscar Ruiz (COL)
9. Hector Vergara (CAN)
10. Pierre Mounguengui (GAB)
11. James Sekajugo (UGA) - Medical

UEFA Women’s Champions League – Round of 16 (Second Leg)

18-19 November 2015

FC Barcelona – FC Twente
Referee: Esther Staubli (SUI, photo)

Fortuna Hjørring – ACF Brescia
Referee: Efthalia Mitsi (GRE)

VfL Wolfsburg – Chelsea LFC
Referee: Sara Persson (SWE)

Olympique Lyonnais – Atletico Madrid
Referee: Kateryna Monzul (UKR)

FFC Frankfurt – LSK Kvinner
Referee: Gyongyi Gaal (HUN)

Paris St. Germain – KIF Orebro
Referee: Sandra Bastos (POR)

WFC Zvezda – Slavia Praha
Referee: Morag Pirie (SCO)

FC Rosengard – ASD Verona
Referee: Teodora Albon (ROU)

UEFA Futsal Cup – Elite Round

10-15 November 2015

Group A (Torrejon)
1. Marc Birkett (ENG, photo)
2. Balazs Farkas (HUN)
3. Danijel Janosevic (CRO)
4. Pascal Lemal (BEL)

Group B (Pescara)
1. Gerald Bauernfeind (AUT)
2. Francisco Diaz (ESP)
3. Timo Onatsu (FIN)
4. Tomasz Frak (POL)

Group C (Gyor)
1. Eduardo Fernandes (POR)
2. Alessandro Malfer (ITA)
3. Lukas Pesko (SVK)
4. Borut Sivic (SVN)

Group D (Bratislava)
1. Swen Eichler (GER)
2. Borislav Kolev (BUL)
3. Bogdan Sorescu (ROU)
4. Admir Zahovic (SVN)

Mateu Lahoz: “A very troubling, tough moment”

The official has explained that uncertainty and horror gripped the Stade de France as Paris was rocked by a string of fatal bombings and shootings. Referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz has spoken of the "troubling, tough" time in Paris, after he blew the final whistle in Friday's friendly clash between France and Germany. As the two teams played out the match, the French capital became engulfed by a string of tragic terrorist attacks. There were shootings and explosions reported across six locations in the French capital, including two suicide attacks and a bombing outside the Stade de France, where the game was being played. After the match ended, fans remained inside the stadium, with many moving onto the pitch as they waited for more information on the attacks which rocked the world and left more than 120 dead, with a further 200 injured.
Hours after blowing the final whistle, Mateu Lahoz spoke of his experience in officiating the game. The Spanish referee admits the players of France and Germany were in the dark about the Paris terror attacks until after the final whistle. Mateu Lahoz headed the all-Spanish team of match officials with Pau Cebrian, Javier Aguilar and Clos Gomez. “We had no idea about what was going on until after the game had ended. We have all been through some very difficult moments, moments of great uncertainty because at first, we were told that we were not allowed to leave the stadium but now things are a little calmer. This is a very troubling, tough moment and I don't really feel like speaking right now. We found out about what was happening through the press who were attending the game and the television", Mateu told AS.

Source: Goal

UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers – Play-Offs (Second Leg)

15 November 2015
Hungary – Norway
Referee: Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP, photo)
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Alonso Fernandez (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Yuste Jimenez (ESP)
Additional AR 1: Jesus Gil Manzano (ESP)
Additional AR 2: Carlos Del Cerro Grande (ESP)
Fourth Official: Roberto Diaz Perez (ESP)
Referee Observer: Christos Skapoullis (CYP)

16 November 2015
Ireland – Bosnia & Herzegovina
Referee: Bjorn Kuipers (NED)
Assistant Referee 1: Sander van Roekel (NED)
Assistant Referee 2: Erwin Zeinstra (NED)
Additional AR 1: Pol van Boekel (NED)
Additional AR 2: Richard Liesveld (NED)
Fourth Official: Charles Schaap (NED)
Referee Observer: Bo Karlsson (SWE)

17 November 2015
Slovenia – Ukraine
Referee: Cuneyt Cakir (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Bahattin Duran (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Tarik Ongun (TUR)
Additional AR 1: Huseyin Gocek (TUR)
Additional AR 2: Baris Simsek (TUR)
Fourth Official: Mustafa Eyisoy (TUR)
Referee Observer: Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez (ESP)

Denmark – Sweden
Referee: Martin Atkinson (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Michael Mullarkey (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Stephen Child (ENG)
Additional AR 1: Anthony Taylor (ENG)
Additional AR 2: Andre Marriner (ENG)
Fourth Official: John Brooks (ENG)
Referee Observer: Hugh Dallas (SCO)